A doorway to excellent tech leadership ︎︎︎

Next Series starts on 2 May 2023.

6 sessions of group development of technical leaders. 

The Tech Leader Series are online courses hosted and presented by current, accomplished tech leaders who have worked at well known technology focused companies.

Tech Leader Series are designed so that groups from the same company participate in the sessions together.

Each Series is designed to address challenges that are part of building outstanding tech leadership in organisations.

This is achieved with talks, discussions, exercises and a learner community.
Deliberate learning and practice time with your colleagues promises to transform leaders and teams in your company.

After a successful pilot session, Series 1 was run in full in 2022. This will be run again in 2023, as well as a new, Series 2.

2023 registrations will be available, soon.

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1           A doorway to outstanding tech leadership

What is this?

We asked senior tech leaders with prominent companies, if they think that there is a need to improve tech leadership in their organisations. Secondly, we asked if they face challenges in helping colleagues to improve their leadership skills. 

The answer, was overwhelmingly, “Yes”.

Each Tech Leader Series consists of content that will help you and your colleagues to progress with each other on a path to better tech leadership.

The content will help you to add to your knowledge and align your thinking with your peers.
Each series and individual session will be structured around a theme and topics. There will be six sessions that will consist of talks and discussions led by industry experts.

Each session of around two and a half hours, addresses an area of software/technical engineering leadership, to help aspiring, and earlier stage leaders.

We continually consult with these senior technical leaders to align the subject matter with the needs that they see in industry and also give them a way to let you know, what they wished they knew when they were new leaders.

           Series 1 Theme

The Leadership Journey

Series 1 Session topics*:

︎︎︎ Becoming a Tech Lead
︎︎︎ Wicked Problems and Neurodiversity
︎︎︎ Leadership styles
︎︎︎ Vision and goals
︎︎︎ Conversations & Communication
︎︎︎ Motivation/ Career Path

The sessions and additional exercises are designed to help take your learning beyond the series and into practical situations in your job.

The additional content is prepared by professional learning designers to make sure that they are high quality and valuable.

* Future series will add different topics that will allow more breadth and further understanding


Who is it for?

The Tech Leader Series will cover foundational elements of tech leadership, however people of different levels will be able to benefit by participating with other colleagues.

Here are some suggestions of how you can structure your group that you bring to the Series.

︎︎︎ Team members from functional teams who work together daily, made up of mixed roles and experience.

︎︎︎ Experienced managers bringing along less experienced teams with the intention to raise the level of understanding across the whole team.

︎︎︎ A team of managers at the same level but across functions, who are aligning leadership within a company.


Learner personas

New Tech/Team Leads

You are new to the Tech (or Team) Lead role and need to step up your knowledge and confidence in communicating with and managing people and communicating with colleagues.

More Experienced Tech/Team Leads

You are a more experienced person in a group of Tech Leads. You want to help your newer colleagues and align theTech Lead capability in the whole organisation.

As Series 1 progresses (and in future Series), more advanced topics will help you to personally improve your TL skills.

Engineering Managers

You manage multiple teams and Tech Leads.

You want to be part of their journey and help to mentor them by partcipating in the Series alongside them.

You want there to be a pathway to leadership and to not just throw people in the deep end.


You have gained a high level of technical expertise.You now want to move into a leadership position.

You want to increase your knowledge and confidence in communicating with colleagues and in managing people.

Alternatively, you may be a Developer who will benefit from helping to set the direction of your team.

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Previous feedback

What people are saying

We have gathered feedback from professionals who have completed a Pilot session, as well as the full Series 1. Here is some feedback we received from people from Culture Amp, Wesfarmers Digital, Ferocia, Dius Consulting and Everest Engineering

“I loved how often we were encouraged to have conversations. I think you should lean into this! After an awkward minute or so the group got really comfortable opening up and I felt like we could have talked for much longer”

“The hosts were knowledgable and worked really well to explain their points and make it digestable.”

“I enjoyed the session and found the time well spent”
“I think the content was very helpful for me, I took down lots of notes and it was nice to hear the presenters' experiences and thoughts on tech leadership”

“The content was great, and spot on, IMO and some of the highest quality content I have seen on the topic. It was the kind of session I wish I had when moving into my first TL role.”

“Brilliant content…”

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