Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I come by myself?

You cannot purchase an individual registration. It is recommended that you  join with at least one other colleague who you work with, so that you can discuss the implications for your workplace and collaboratively devise actions you can take from the series. The sessions will be most effective if you start with your collegues and move through the sessions together.

Can I bring someone or form a group with people from outside my organization?

We strongly encourage you to join with people from your organization, this is how you will get the most benefit. However, you are free to create a group of people from outside of your organization if you choose to.

Is it possible for our group to pay individually for tickets?

The Tech Leader Series is  built for groups of leaders in the same organization. The registration structure is for a minimum of two colleagues, with discounts for larger group bookings.

If your team would prefer to pay for group tickets individually, please email hello@techleaderseries with details of how many people you expect will be in your group – so we can apply the right group discount. We can then set up and share a private registration link for your group’s members.

Can I register a certain number of people and have different people attend, depending on the session?

No, the registrations are for named individuals and it is important to commit to attending all sessions, if at all possible. We have large discounts for larger groups to enable companies to add more people.

Is there a maximum group size that can take part?

You can book for as large a group as you wish. Above 6–8 attendees, we recommend that you break into sub-groups for better collaboration.

How should we structure our group/s?
We recommend that a group leader is appointed who can wrangle the group. We will provide some guidelines for the group leader and hope to have an induction session.

You will also need to organise a space for the group to attend the online sessions. You could all be in a room in your office, or setup so that you all join remotely, if you are working from home.

How much time do I have to commit outside of the sessions?

We will provide supplemental material about each session, that is created by a professional learning designer. These notes will have ideas about how you can take what is in the session and use in your workplace.

It’s then up to you as a group to implement things you want to try out…as little or as much as you’d like. It will also be possible to communicate with others participating in a series, via our Slack.

How do I access the event once I register?

Registrants will receive access to the joining details before the start of the course. Look out for reminders in your inbox.

What times are the sessions?

The sessions are optimized for Asia-Pacific and India timezones.

What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

These session content recordings will be made available for registrants shortly after each session.

You can catch up on the recordings, check the notes from your team, and join your colleagues for a review meeting between sessions.

Will you release videos of the sessions?

The course session recordings will be made available to registrants shortly after the first showing of each session.

Will there be live captioning for the sessions?

The recorded sessions will have closed captions. Any live parts of a session can have live transcription using the auto-transcription tool in the web conferencing tool.

Is the course live?

We use a mix of pre-recorded and live presenter segments in each series. The recorded version is available shortly after the session in the content portal. It also allows sessions to go ahead in the event of illness or tech issues. On some occassions, presenters may deliver their segments, live.

The Q&A/panel segment is live. We want to have the ability to have at least one of the presenters available at the session to discuss their ideas with you, in the live Q&A. Sometimes, other faculty members are available for Q&A in sessions they haven’t presented a topic.

Do I need to attend the induction session?

To get the most from the course we recommend that you attend the induction session. But if it is not possible, there will be information available on the course page.

Can I become an official partner of the Tech Leader Series?

If you would like to find out more about  partnerships for Tech Leader Series, we would love to hear from you at There are also opportunities for other events that are run by Tabar, the TLS organisers.


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