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What is this?

We asked senior tech leaders with prominent companies, if they think that there is a need to improve tech leadership in their organisations. Secondly, we asked if they face challenges in helping colleagues to improve their leadership skills. 

The answer, was overwhelmingly, “Yes”.

Each Tech Leader Series consists of content that will help you and your colleagues to progress with each other on a path to better tech leadership.

The content will help you to add to your knowledge and align your thinking with your peers.
Each series and individual session will be structured around a theme and topics. There will be six sessions that will consist of talks and discussions led by industry experts.

Each session of around two and a half hours, addresses an area of software/technical engineering leadership, to help aspiring, and earlier stage leaders.

We continually consult with these senior technical leaders to align the subject matter with the needs that they see in industry and also give them a way to let you know, what they wished they knew when they were new leaders.


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